#Sketchaday 24: a kayak expedition(sketch in the pipeline) and more local scenery

Last night in Revelstoke tonight, so we had to have one last expedition – a kayak tour in the lake above the dam. This time we met just a few hundred metres from the dam and headed upstream, but never got as far as the place where we picnicked. Instead we paddled to a waterfall called Silvertips Falls. I had wanted to do a sketch out on the water but my instructor warned there’d be no time for that – as it was I had to concentrate pretty hard on staying inside my kayak and not losing my paddle, so my photos weren’t all that great. But I’ve promised to send Terry a picture based on what we saw, so I will muster my memory banks and see what I can come up with. He sent us some beautiful ones that he took – mostly of us making silly faces, but they will help with the memories.

V's vegetable garden

I had a good look at V’s vegetable garden after lunch – we’ve already sampled the biggest zucchini, and there are some red tomatoes behind that big zucchini leaf that should be ready to harvest tomorrow. Compared with our meagre efforts at gardening in Adelaide, these are mega triffids. Just goes to show what a humid summer with lots of rain – and some talented tlc – can do.

One final walk round town, as I had to go and draw the Modern – the cafe we visited earlier in the holiday. The photo I took made the building look much fatter and less upright than my drawing.

the Modern pt 1

I began drawing in pencil – just as well, as I noticed a fatal flaw at this stage so I had to get out my eraser. Can you spot what I had to adjust in this second drawing, now enhanced with pen and ink?

The Modern pt 2

The final version will have to be done after I get home – tomorrow will be spent packing and helping with Leo, as he’s coming with us to Kelowna.


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l love drawing and printmaking. I also love communicating. And I love meeting people who care about these things.
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