#Sketchaday25: Goodbye to Revelstoke for now…

ABC back cover GH v2

The last day in Revelstoke was devoted to packing and last minute business, but we did get a short walk in in the morning and were astonished to see an eagle standing in the middle of the river – it must have been perched on a barely submerged log. As we watched it fly off the log towards the mountains we were sadly reminded that we too would be winging our way home from Canada very soon… well as I write this we are still in Vancouver airport 36 hours later, having driven to Kelowna last night, taken the plane to Calgary this morning and then doubled back to Vancouver – our travel arrangements never seem to be straightforward, even though this time it was all according to the original plan!

The above design is the back cover for Leo’s Outdoor Adventure ABC colour in book, conceived by his parents, drawn by me and coloured in by friends and relatives – my other half did the back cover, and this is the front cover, coloured in by me:

ABC front cover JW

The coloured in version will be a strictly limited edition for friends and family, but I am thinking of doing a series of similar colour in ABCs for public consumption. If you think this is a good idea, please send me a reply on this blog and I’ll be pleased to receive ideas for themes!  I’ll be posting some more samples of this book in the near future.

So au revoir for now, our flight is boarding shortly and I hope the next post will be this weekend – from Australia!

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l love drawing and printmaking. I also love communicating. And I love meeting people who care about these things.
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