Sketchaday, Adelaide to Revelstoke 2016

Adelaide 18.07.16 waiting to board the plane

Adelaide 18.07.16 waiting to board the plane

I recently discovered the web page Urban Sketchers and its corresponding Facebook page. I was delighted to see that a practice I have neglected in recent years because of the ease and convenience of iPhones is now not just back in fashion but also widely accessible as a product! You can find sketches of every style and medium at Urban Sketchers, and it’s a wonderful way to take a virtual trip to another country. I have always kept scrappy journals and I have filled dozens of sketchbooks over the years,  but it never occurred to me until now to combine sketches and story to make a blog – even though as a teenager I declared my career ambition was ‘to travel, write books about my travels and illustrate them’!

So it’s never too late to fulfil your teenage ambitions. And as I am currently embarked on a compulsory trip to visit my new grandson in Canada, it seems the perfect time to start – no rushing around doing tourist stuff, just a bit of baby sitting, assisting with chores and hand holding – so I should still have time to do one sketch a day!

As it turned out, I had quite a lot of time to make some sketches on the journey to Canada, as our flight became a saga of missed connections and consequent distractions! It all started with fog on the runway in Sydney, long before we even left for Adelaide airport…

Airborne at last, Adelaide 18.07

We had to stay overnight in Sydney because we missed our direct flight to Vancouver. The following day, after an hour’s delay caused by ‘engineering problems’ we were put on a flight to LAX…

Back of plane, LA flight Drawn in the dark, LAX flight end of a 14 hour flight 2

The saga continues in the next blog post! I will upload all the pictures here as we go. You can also find them in the photo album on the Mi Mi Designs FB page.

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