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Drawing clouds in charcoal

It’s quite hard to appreciate just how dark a blue sky can be. Before I attempt a pastel, I make a tonal study, working from the colour subject (in this case, I’m working directly from … Source: Drawing clouds in … Continue reading

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Drawing in charcoal

It’s often hard to decide at what stage a charcoal drawing is finished. I can see the shape and volume of these pears at this very early stage of the drawing. I started by rubbing the side of… Source: Drawing … Continue reading

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Sketches of the human form

Off to Melbourne tomorrow for a quick trip so I will have more airport fun. In the meantime I’ve been sorting out my GOOD life drawings. I have about 300 that I still haven’t photographed – very often I’ll look … Continue reading

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Sketches based on Sketchaday sketches

A week since we arrived home, and I have been doing daily sketches but not necessarily from life. Today I took the pencil sketch that I did of Mt Begbie in Sketchaday21 and tried working it up in charcoal, using Strathmore … Continue reading

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#Sketchaday 26: Home sweet home, after a rather tedious journey – but you’re never bored when you carry a sketchbook!

The drawing above was half completed in pen on August 11, the day I left Revelstoke, and I added colour to it today, Sunday August 14, after arriving back in Adelaide yesterday morning. We set off for Kelowna on the … Continue reading

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#Sketchaday25: Goodbye to Revelstoke for now…

The last day in Revelstoke was devoted to packing and last minute business, but we did get a short walk in in the morning and were astonished to see an eagle standing in the middle of the river – it … Continue reading

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#Sketchaday 24: a kayak expedition(sketch in the pipeline) and more local scenery

Last night in Revelstoke tonight, so we had to have one last expedition – a kayak tour in the lake above the dam. This time we met just a few hundred metres from the dam and headed upstream, but never … Continue reading

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Sketchaday 23: a Chinese kind of morning and a traditional Canadian evening treat

I woke at 5.30 to a misty moisty morning after overnight rain. I knew I’d see a completely different world to yesterday’s at the same time of day.  The mountains were barely visible at first between the clouds, but they … Continue reading

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#Sketchaday 22: up, down and almost over the mountain

I managed to get up at 5.45am this morning and returned to the same scene that I drew yesterday, this time attempting a watercolour. After an hour I felt I had done enough as the light was changing too quickly. … Continue reading

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#Sketchaday 21: a perfect dawn and a study in attempted patricide

After the damp, misty mornings of the last few days I woke up at 5.30 to a still, quiet morning with the sun just touching the tips of the mountains.  I walked out to the little rocky promontory that is … Continue reading

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