Sketchaday 23: a Chinese kind of morning and a traditional Canadian evening treat

Chinese mountains (the gap between Boulder and Frisbee) Monday bluev 8.0816

I woke at 5.30 to a misty moisty morning after overnight rain. I knew I’d see a completely different world to yesterday’s at the same time of day.  The mountains were barely visible at first between the clouds, but they began to appear and disappear as the day warmed up slowly. I walked down by the river after crossing the Big Eddy road bridge, and noticed that the river was flowing very gently – they open the dam gates early in the morning so that the flow increases, and I knew I only had a small window of time to complete my walk before the path began to flood. I got some lovely shots down by the water’s edge and again as I was crossing the other road bridge. Halfway across, with traffic roaring between me and my view, I drew this ethereal scene in pencil.  Just for fun I turned it into a blue image in Photoshop, as it makes me think of porcelain china.

After my walk I noticed this maple tree outside the kitchen window. It’s in front of a pine tree, with alder trees on the left and Mt Revelstoke rearing up behind. I’ll turn this into a colour version at some stage as the variety of greens in each type of tree is astonishing. I wish I could stay for the fall and watch this maple turn brilliant red and orange.

maple, alders, firs and Mt Macpherson 8.08.16

We went souvenir shopping in the afternoon, then  hurried back as we had a dinner date up at the resort at the Rockford Wok – Monday night is Wings night, a magnificent Canadian tradition. Chicken wings in a variety of flavours, all you can eat at 35c a wing.

We had a bit of a wait for our meal, so Leo and I amused ourselves – he discovered the joys of playing with a table napkin, and I managed to draw him with his eyes open – as well as two guests at the next table, probably mother – rings on every finger – and son, busy with his phone.

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l love drawing and printmaking. I also love communicating. And I love meeting people who care about these things.
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