Printmaking Classes

Source: Printmaking Classes

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Revelstoke Mountain, 5am by Julia Wakefield

Woohoo! My poem has been accepted by an American online journal – and they gave it a lovely picture, though I’m not quite sure if that’s Revelstoke…  Source: Revelstoke Mountain, 5am by Julia Wakefield

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Portrait Drawing Classes at Port Noarlunga

Source: Portrait Drawing Classes at Port Noarlunga

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Drawing for the Terrified – and Not so Terrified

Source: Drawing for the Terrified – and Not so Terrified

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Portraits in Pastel from photos

I’m starting this drawing with a dark pastel pencil, with a tonal study, but this is actually the basis of my colour drawing.  People often struggle with getting the proportions right when th…

Source: Portraits in Pastel from photos

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The Colophon for Winged Messengers

Traditionally, print exchanges usually require a colophon, which is a collection of statements that the artists submit to accompany their prints.  Until now, the only time that the colophon for Win…

Source: The Colophon for Winged Messengers

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Life Drawing

New StartArt class at Pepper St on December 13.

Life drawing is a passion of mine. It’s like meditation: the discipline of drawing coupled with the silence of concentration, in a room that’s curtained off from the outside world. Many…

Source: Life Drawing

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Drama in pastel

After playing with fluffy clouds, I went for a drive the next day and was amazed at the dramatic cloudscapes that I encountered. This was the beginning of that spectacular weather that blew over se…

Source: Drama in pastel

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Clouds in Pastel

Before I embark on a colour version of my cloud study, I’ve had a go at changing the composition by making a pencil sketch. I’ve propped the charcoal study in front of my laptop screen,…

Source: Clouds in Pastel

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Pears in Pastel

In my first post on drawing in charcoal I demonstrated a tonal study of two pears. This time I am preparing for a pastel drawing, of two different pears (I ate the other two). I begin this time wit…

Source: Pears in Pastel

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