Life Drawing

New StartArt class at Pepper St on December 13.

Life drawing is a passion of mine. It’s like meditation: the discipline of drawing coupled with the silence of concentration, in a room that’s curtained off from the outside world. Many…

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Drama in pastel

After playing with fluffy clouds, I went for a drive the next day and was amazed at the dramatic cloudscapes that I encountered. This was the beginning of that spectacular weather that blew over se…

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Clouds in Pastel

Before I embark on a colour version of my cloud study, I’ve had a go at changing the composition by making a pencil sketch. I’ve propped the charcoal study in front of my laptop screen,…

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Pears in Pastel

In my first post on drawing in charcoal I demonstrated a tonal study of two pears. This time I am preparing for a pastel drawing, of two different pears (I ate the other two). I begin this time wit…

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Drawing clouds in charcoal

It’s quite hard to appreciate just how dark a blue sky can be. Before I attempt a pastel, I make a tonal study, working from the colour subject (in this case, I’m working directly from …

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Drawing in charcoal

It’s often hard to decide at what stage a charcoal drawing is finished. I can see the shape and volume of these pears at this very early stage of the drawing. I started by rubbing the side of…

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Sketches of the human form

nude back views small 30.09.15

Off to Melbourne tomorrow for a quick trip so I will have more airport fun. In the meantime I’ve been sorting out my GOOD life drawings. I have about 300 that I still haven’t photographed – very often I’ll look through the photos and decide they weren’t worth photographing. But every sketch is a valuable exercise in observation. I do it twice a week if possible.  These sketches are on cartridge paper, or baking paper, which is really good for charcoal.

Maxine back view reclining contour small 30.09.15

I’m very fond of this one. It started as a ‘blind’ drawing in conte crayon – not looking at the paper – and then I drew again, this time looking at the paper 30% of the time.

Kelly foreshortened small 25.11.15.jpg

I’m also really fond of this one – it’s out of proportion but this model has the most wonderful long legs, so it’s appropriate.

kelly with flower 25.11.15.jpg

This is what she really looks like.  I liked the touch of the flower – her idea.


2 views of Matt 3.10.15

And this model is a delight to draw – he came up with some relaxed and imaginative poses, and he also has very nice legs (:  This was conte crayon on baking paper.

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