Sketchaday 15: from the cheerfully macabre back to the sublime

Taco club Sunday 31.07.16

The weather remained uncertain today so we didn’t attempt any ambitious hikes. We gave Mum and Dad a break this morning so they could have their first trail bike ride together since Leo was born. Then we all headed over to Taco club for another gargantuan meal. The decor is slightly macabre but nobody seems too spooked by it. You might detect that the two chairs in the middle are at different levels: I started the sketch from two directions at once and it didn’t quite coincide in the middle. That’s part of the risk and also the charm of sketching quickly on the spot. I added the colour afterwards, with water soluble coloured pencils. The smooth paper of this little sketchpad (a moleskin that someone gave me) suits this medium perfectly.

Trans Canada Highway bridge Sunday 31.07.16

Late in the afternoon the weather was suitably dramatic for a view of the road bridge, which is part of the Trans-Canada highway, one of the world’s longest national highways. I started a larger watercolour but became so involved in the architecture of the bridge I decided to do a quick sketch as well to try and capture the atmosphere.  This took me about 40 minutes and I added colour afterwards. That’s the edge of Mt Macpherson in the background.

About julia

l love drawing and printmaking. I also love communicating. And I love meeting people who care about these things.
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